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Chip Engelland

The Shot Doctor

By Bill Barnwell Grantland, April 24, 2014

Some insight into one of the NBA's best shooting coaches. Data, technique, practice simulation. Everything with purpose catered to each player.

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Engelland insisted that Parker take the 3-point shot out of his game, and he has; after averaging nearly 200 3-pointers per season during his four seasons in the league without Engelland — and hitting on just 31.5 percent of them — Parker has averaged just over 56 3-point attempts per season since. He’s also become a much better free throw shooter, having hit 69.7 percent of his free throws before Engelland changed his shot and 77.2 percent of his freebies since.4 Altogether, since Engelland came to San Antonio, the only guard who has hit a higher percentage of his 2-point shots than Parker is Steve Nash.5 Chip Engelland might very well be the difference between Tony Parker, very good point guard, and Tony Parker, future Hall of Famer.

Getting better is a multi-part process, first is technique, the physical skill of shooting the basketball. The second is using analytics to find out what is actually happening on the court during a game or in this case a season. From there, choosing better shots, not taking some, taking more of others. All about moving measurables, awesome way to improve.